“Gabriela Hatchette in her own words,
20 August - Sailing and working around the Caribbean Sea - notes from personal diary
''I woke up unsettled about last night´s dream: the image of a ring; even though I can´t describe it with details, I feel it´s a messenger that carries a deeper symbol and I am determined to seek what it holds for me. Still in a dreamy state of mind, I rush to put on my make-up, dress in my burgundy cotton uniform that I came to despise because it feels too small, tight and constrains me to be a certain way that feels like a stranger from where I am in this moment. I finish taking the last sip of coffee poured in a mug from one of my favorite places, San Juan Puerto Rico, open the cabin door and rush up the stairs to get to work hoping that discussing with my partner would bring some kind of sense and light to it.''
The answer to that vision didn’t come that day, but I continued searching for different forms of expression and of “being” that I would find more appropriate and close to my soul as I was trying to redefine myself, who I was, my values and what was true for me NOW.
10 October - Bucharest, Romania
I was stretching my sea legs in the grey toned city of Bucharest, a city perfect for artists, with sufficient dramatic substance to inspire any upcoming creativity and diverse enough to provide fertile grounds to express myself. I have had a hunch for a while now and decided to listen to it, even though at the back of my mind, there was a voice telling me ''I could not do it, I was not an artist, I am not creative'', and signed up for the Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School, to participate live at their classes and jewelry creating workshops.
Working with metals felt like working with the stubborn, unpolished, unsettled, volcanic and raw part of myself who wasn´t going to become malleable without putting some resistance. I found the process therapeutic and as the material was transforming under my hands, it left me opened and with a lot of questions and feelings of fear, anxiety, amazement at what I was able to do, wonder at the beauty of what is underneath the surface, curiosity for the future, to name a few.There was a deeper metamorphosis that took place inside me, at a molecular level and changed me into an introspective and curious creator that looks forward to exploring the depth of the soul and working with these very basic emotions, to more elevated ones which hold higher vibrations and feel as if they come from other worlds.
I believe designer jewelry are not accessories but a live creation that you can feel while touching it, it speaks to you and carries the energy of the creator. I would like you to wear them as a part of yourself and to make it your form of expression. Just as the name suggests it, the designs are born from an introspection of my soul and that has been my first source of inspiration. “