“ I believe this world, as it is right now, is a perfect opportunity for any human being to evolve, gain good karma, undo bad ones and gain insights, explore that which comes from suffering and from what many great spiritual masters call ”The dark nights of the Soul”. I also believe that any type of creative work has its seeds in deep spiritual work, arises from challenging and not so pleasant transformational periods and that inspiration for it comes from a greater awareness. On my path to becoming a jewelry designer I was inspired by Dr. David R. Hawkins and ever since I learnt about the existence of the Scale of  Consciousness I started to pay more attention to my own state of mind, my feelings, my perception of the world, my values and morals and what I was standing for in this world.

My first collection was born at a moment when I was going through a change of set of believes, values, when the model I lived by until then didn´t work anymore and even though I knew I needed to change, there were different setbacks over time and my new ME was still being tested in order to validate IT and the new person I became.

In this first collection I use simple shapes like squares, lines and rectangles, starting from basics as I wanted to give myself space to evolve, grow, explore, aiming with every future collection to go higher on the scale of consciousness.

This is an open invitation for everyone to examine their emotions, sit with them and have the courage to explore beyond forms, shapes, material and what we perceive to be REAL.”